Timber Ridge Girls

We love people coming to meet the parents and to visit the puppies. Your visits let us know that you are not spontaneous puppy buyers who don’t understand the commitment of time and patience of raising a puppy. Please be sure to make an appointment before traveling to Timber Ridge. Exercising, training, and caring for dogs and horses as well as haying keep the owner’s minutes full to the brim. Twenty-four hours notice is greatly appreciated.

Envious Z Timberridge (dob 5-30-14), BH, AD, OFA good

Fluffy. That’s the first thing people think when the see Envious. The second thing they might think is that Envious isn’t shy about telling the other Timber Ridge dogs how and what she thinks. Like her mother, Piper, Envious is intelligent and confident, and she prefers to have a say in most matters of importance. Above all else, she loves, worship, and adores her human mother who pretty much feels the same about her, although she tries not to let on to the other dogs who her favorite is. Envious spends her days running alongside horses, bikes, or snowmobiles or sitting inside cars and tractors that are ridden/driven by her human. She is a member of the barn dog pack, but she still gets time in the house and summer nights at the family’s hotel.

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Piper Z Timberridge (dob 4-28-10), IPO3, FH1, OFA Fair

Piper, daughter of Darka, is the proud owner of magnificent ears and an aloof yet easy-going personality. She, like her mother, prefers to go about her activities without people taking notice of her, being loyal to her human to the exclusion of all others, although she accepts attention easily if it is required of her. Piper, aware of her arresting ears, defined features, and beautiful eyes, enjoys being a model, going to work with her mom on the farm and at the family’s hotel. The intelligence of Darka’s children and grandchildren and their love of shovels and snow is unrivaled.

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_HJP4566 Piper

Mafi Z Tresnaku (dob 11-02-11), IPO2, OFA 1/1 Czech rating

Mafi is from the Czech Republic and she loves Maine for all the state has to offer in fields, woods, water, and wildlife. She has a black and red coat and she possesses an avid curiosity and is happiest when exploring with her human. Mafi is fast. Whether swimming or running or simply retrieving her ball, she puts everything she has into each stride and leap. Her ball drive is as strong as her confidence and she produces confident and playful puppies. Friendly and welcoming, Mafi is fun to watch as she leaps and spins to catch her ball or anything else anyone decides to throw.

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HJP_7739-Edit Mafi

Menace Vom Empire Zwinger (dob 7-21-11), IPO3, AD, OFA Fair

Menace’s intense gaze (and her name) can make some Timber Ridge visitors think she isn’t friendly, but all of the boarders at the barn know she will climb into their lap just as quickly as her half-sister Kimber. She prefers to eat her bones on the comfort of a hay bale and delicately crosses her front legs when relaxing. Menace, like the lady she is, prefers the background while the younger dogs engage in ruckus. She runs along side the horses on trail rides and leaps off the dock and banks whenever the opportunity presents itself, which is often during the summer. Menace is overall quiet and calm until her job requires her to be otherwise.

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HJP_2296-Edit Menace

Kimber Vom Empire Zwinger (dob 10-25-10), IPO3, AD, OFA Good

Kimber, like Uhdelle, is another of Timber Ridge’s dogs who is beloved by all the horse boarders. Although she has high drive, she isn’t as interested in chasing inedible balls when she’s in the barn. Instead she keeps her eyes, nose, and mouth on the treats that “fall” out of the horse boarders’ pockets and treat bags. There is no one whom Kimber does not enjoy hanging with but, like a typical GSD, her human mom is the center of her life. To maintain her figure, she goes on trail rides with the horses, swims, and runs beside her mom’s bike and snowmobile. She is one of Timber Ridge’s best dock dog types, leaping into the river off high banks and rocks. If Kimber is suddenly absent, everyone knows to look for her in the grain or tack room where she can be found opening feed filled trash cans and licking buckets.

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HJP_4854-Edit Kimber

Atte Jipo Me (dob 1-13-15), BH, OFA good

Simply put Atte has a gorgeous face and gorgeous ears and a gorgeous personality. You can call her personality temperament if you prefer, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is a cuddler on the couch, a worker on the training field, and just plain fun to be with everywhere else. She isn’t the ideal dog to leave your snacks around as she can jump as high as Kimber and is equally clever at strategizing, but she is the ideal dog to have as a best friend. Atte isn’t quite old enough to participate in the Timber Ridge program, but we are confident that if her pups are anything like she is  they will be as intelligent as they are gorgeous. Heart breakingly for all of us at TR, Atte passed away during a tragic fire (cause undetermined)  3-23-17.

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Vera z Daskonu (dob 8-15-11), IPO3, OFA 1/1 Czech rating

Vera is the newest female member of the Timber Ridge family. She traveled here from Czech Republic and seems to find Maine to her liking. She is like a fluffy gymnast readying for competition or a like a New England farmer: she always wants to work and is exceptionally good at it. Confident, savvy, and not one to dilly dally, Vera happily and quietly greets boarders and visitors to Timber Ridge, eager to say hello and then get back to work. Heart breakingly for all of us at TR, Vera passed away during a tragic fire (cause undetermined)  3-23-17.

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Bessi Bohemia Ander (dob 7-19-13), IPO1, ZVV1, ZZO,OFA 0/0 Czech rating

Bessi is a confident satiny sleek black female who has an elegant trot, extraordinary focus, ball drive, and loyalty to her human family. She is friendly to everyone, and loves to play, hike, and work. When her training or play sessions end, Bessi relaxes on the couch and watches closely to see if anyone, particularly her human mom, whom she believes is the center of her world, might like to do anything else with her. Her intelligence and quickness to perform make her a pleasure to interact with and watch.

HJP_3820-Edit Bessi



Olinka od Ceske Policie Republiky (dob 7-17-15), 0/0 Czech rating

Olinka has beautiful eyes in a beautiful black face that express exactly how she feels about her day, her life, and you, at any second. One of the qualities that we immediately noticed about Olinka is that when she looks at you, she really looks at you. She likes to keep busy, especially with her ball and person, but she also enjoys her quiet time. We haven’t met anyone who she isn’t happy to meet too, although she likes to observe, unlike Venesa and Kimber, before giving up her complete attention. Olinka is one of the newest members of the Timber Ridge family, coming all the way from the Czech Republic, so we don’t know if she loves swimming and biking yet, but we do know she is game for pretty much anything if her person is doing it too.


Venesa z Tresnaku (dob 10-3-14), ZVV1, 0/0 Czech rating

Venesa doesn’t know you yet but she loves you and wants to do whatever you want, whether you are an infant, toddler, youngster, adult, senior, male, female, or from another planet. Her friendly good nature takes up her whole being and she does her best to let you know that you are very important in her world. She loves her ball too, but if you want to play with it yourself, that’s fine too. Venesa is very recently from the Czech Republic, and she decidedly loves Maine (and snow), and is happy to be part of the Timber Ridge family. Venesa, although she shares a last name with Porto, is not related to him.

Venesa is in the nursery. More pictures coming soon.

Uhdelle Z Timberridge (dob 12-7-11), IPO3, AD, OFA Fair

Uhdelle was a favorite of all who meet her. She loved to greet the boarders with her jolly ball or stick or a bucket she’d decided could be thrown. She wasn’t overtly demanding in her requests. Just hopeful that if she nudged her chosen “toy” closer to you that you would throw it, and you would, because Uhdelle had beautiful soft eyes that asked for nothing but your ability to toss a ball. Uhdelle, like her aunt Piper, was a talented jumper and runner, willing to do anything asked of her. Go to “Justice for Uhdelle” for more information.