Justice for Uhdelle Z Timberridge


Application for the May 2021 Dog Trial



Uhdelle, a beautiful, big-hearted, play-loving German shepherd, was stolen from her home between 9 and 9:15 am on Nov 14. The person who took her tried to destroy Uhdelle’s advanced GPS collar by throwing it in the Saco river. This person then traveled to Gray, abandoning Uhdelle 30 miles from home on Egyphjp_2272t Road. Resident sightings and the local ACO tell us she ran from Monday morning until Tuesday evening, likely trying to find her way home, when she was hit and killed by a car. We are begging anyone who might have seen a black German shepherd traveling in a vehicle from Buxton (or Saco) to Gray or anyone who lives in the Egypt Road (or surrounding) area who saw Uhdelle to call the Buxton police (207-929-5151) or Doreen (207-602-8521). Please help us to serve justice to a person who would steal and desert a beloved dog so that we can serve justice for Uhdelle. #JusticeForUhdelle

Justice for Uhdelle Reward/Scholarship

As we continue to grieve for Uhdelle, we’ve decided to raise money and offer a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the person who stole and abandoned her, a crime that led to her death. If no one comes forward, the money will be used as a Justice for Uhdelle Scholarship Fund for assisting the education and improving the training opportunities for animal control officers (ACOs) and other animal first responders.

For more on this story, see the Portland Press Herald article, the coverage on WGME 13 (“Police continue to investigate German Shepherd found dead in Gray”) and WCSH 6 (“Police plead for tips in death of stolen dog in Saco”).

Atte Jipo Me (2015-2017)

Simply put Atte has a gorgeous face and gorgeous ears and a gorgeous personality. You can call her personality temperament if you prefer, but it doesn’t change the fact that she is a cuddler on the couch, a worker on the training field, and just plain fun to be with everywhere else. She isn’t the ideal dog to leave your snacks around as she can jump as high as Kimber and is equally clever at strategizing, but she is the ideal dog to have as a best friend. Atte isn’t quite old enough to participate in the Timber Ridge program, but we are confident that if her pups are anything like she is  they will be as intelligent as they are gorgeous. Heart breakingly for all of us at TR, Atte passed away during a tragic fire (cause undetermined)  3-23-17.

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Vera z Daskonu (2011-2015)

Vera is the newest female member of the Timber Ridge family. She traveled here from Czech Republic and seems to find Maine to her liking. She is like a fluffy gymnast readying for competition or a like a New England farmer: she always wants to work and is exceptionally good at it. Confident, savvy, and not one to dilly dally, Vera happily and quietly greets boarders and visitors to Timber Ridge, eager to say hello and then get back to work. Heart breakingly for all of us at TR, Vera passed away during a tragic fire (cause undetermined)  3-23-17.


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