Retired and Remembered Dogs

Kimber Vom Empire Zwinger (10/25/10-2020), IPO3, AD, OFA Good

Kimber, like Uhdelle, is another of Timber Ridge’s dogs who is beloved by all the horse boarders. Although she has high drive, she isn’t as interested in chasing inedible balls when she’s in the barn. Instead she keeps her eyes, nose, and mouth on the treats that “fall” out of the horse boarders’ pockets and treat bags. There is no one whom Kimber does not enjoy hanging with but, like a typical GSD, her human mom is the center of her life. To maintain her figure, she goes on trail rides with the horses, swims, and runs beside her mom’s bike and snowmobile. She is one of Timber Ridge’s best dock dog types, leaping into the river off high banks and rocks. If Kimber is suddenly absent, everyone knows to look for her in the grain or tack room where she can be found opening feed filled trash cans and licking buckets.

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HJP_4854-Edit Kimber

Shendy Stribrne doly (dob 3-25-15) Titles: BH, ZVV1, OFA 0/0 Czech rating, DM clear

Shendy is retired from TR and a happy greeter at Seacoast Handy Therapy, much loved, much adored.

Venesa z Tresnaku (dob 10/14 to 5/21), Titles: ZVV1, 0/0 Czech rating DM clear

Venesa was the best tempered and most loving German shepherd we have ever had at Timber Ridge. She passed from surgery complications and we leaves a hole in our hearts.

Tarra Vepeden (dob 5-5-15) in IPO1 training, OFA 0/0

Tarra is retired from TR and lives like a star with Doreen’s brother in Old Orchard Beach.

Porto z Tresnaku (7-15-12), IPO1, ZVV1, OFA 0/0 Czech rating

Porto journeys to Maine from the Czech Republic where he worked as a police dog. He is retired and living in New Hampshire as a beloved family pet.


Mafi Z Tresnaku (2011-2019), IPO2, OFA 1/1 Czech rating

Mafi was from the Czech Republic and she loved Maine for all the state had to offer in fields, woods, water, and wildlife. She had a black and red coat and she possessed an avid curiosity and was happiest when exploring with Doreen. Whether swimming or running or simply retrieving her ball, she put everything she had into each stride and leap. Her ball drive was as strong as her confidence and she produced confident and playful puppies. We will always remember her snake catching drive at the river. She left the frogs and toads alone. She retired to a farm in her last days, enjoying the kids and her dog friends. She passed away doing what she loved where she was loved.

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HJP_7739-Edit Mafi

Piper Z Timberridge (2010-2019), IPO3, FH1, OFA Fair

Piper, daughter of Darka, was the proud owner of magnificent ears and an aloof yet easy-going personality. She, like her mother, preferred to go about her activities without people taking notice of her, except Doreen, although she accepted attention easily. Piper defined what is beautiful about German shepherds from her attitude to her beautiful headset and soulful eyes. She enjoyed being a model, going to work with her mom on the farm and at the family’s hotel. The intelligence of Darka’s children and grandchildren and their love of tires, shovels, and snow is unrivaled. Piper passed away in a tragic accident after being rehomed to where she could be the one and only and be spoiled in the last phase of her life.

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_HJP4566 Piper

Menace Vom Empire Zwinger (2011-2019), IPO3, AD, OFA Fair

Menace was an amazing girl. She retired to a her favorite horse boarder’s home. living as the center of attention until she passed suddenly from Lyme complications. We all miss her every day.

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HJP_2296-Edit Menace

Timber Z Timberridge (dob 4-23-11), BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, OFA fair

Timber, owned by Rickie Hall, lives with her dog and human family in Sweden, ME. She has her father Jack’s retrieving talent and her mother Darka’s refinement. She enjoys her annual maternity leave/vacation in her luxury suite at Timber Ridge where she gets to eat all that she wants any time she wants and receive multiple adoring visitors. She is an excellent mom, giving her pups whatever they want and never stepping on them even when they purposely entangle her feet. Everyone loves Timber because she loves everyone, and it is impossible not to smile at her when she wags her tail happily and tilts her head inquiringly when you have a ball or treat. She is enjoying retirement at her homes in Maine and New York.

Levi Z Timberridge (2008-2019), AWD1, FH1, IPO FH, OFA Good

Levi was a solid responsible canine citizen with a pleasing blocky head, svelte muscular body, and the kindest eyes. He was the type of guy you would want by your side in any situation except some barn work where he might have tried to control your shovel, manure fork, and the wheel on your wheel barrow. Levi was a hard worker and all around fun boy who, like his father, Jack Naspo, was a leaner and had a love for all humans, especially when he was wet and muddy. Levi had exceptional drive and confidence and was an excellent student as his titles attest. He seemed to pass these aspects of his personality on to his progeny who, if they didn’t get his blocky head, got his easy going I-love-people disposition. All dogs (all animals actually) have a basic instinct for good versus bad humans, and Levi and Jack were no different despite their overtly welcoming acceptance. If Levi and Jack didn’t like you, then there was probably a darn good chance that the Timber Ridge folks didn’t like you either. Levi spent his last retired years as a house dog. His passing left a hole in all of our hearts.

Peppe Levi Peppe gsd_53
Levi Z Timberridge IPO FH Champion Levi

Jack Naspo (January 2005- March 2018)

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H’ell vom Zwinger (dob 12-09-07 to 12-16-17)