All About the Girls

We love people coming to meet the parents and to visit the puppies. Your visits let us know that you are not spontaneous puppy buyers who don’t understand the commitment of time and patience of raising a puppy. Please be sure to make an appointment before traveling to Timber Ridge. Exercising, training, and caring for dogs and horses as well as haying keep the owner’s minutes full to the brim. Twenty-four hours notice is greatly appreciated.

Envious Z Timberridge (dob 5-30-14), Titles: BH, AD, OFA good, DM carrier

Fluffy. That’s the first thing people think when the see Envious. The second thing they might think is that Envious isn’t shy about telling the other Timber Ridge dogs how and what she thinks. Like her mother, Piper, Envious is intelligent and confident, and she prefers to have a say in most matters of importance and unimportance. Above all else, she loves, worship, and adores her human mother who pretty much feels the same about her, although she tries not to let on to the other dogs who her favorite is. Envious spends her days running alongside horses, bikes, or snowmobiles or sitting inside cars and tractors that are ridden/driven by her human. She divides her time between the barn and house packs, and sometimes spends evenings at the family’s hotel in Old Orchard with Doreen.

HJP_1690 HJP_1664-Edit

The Storm Z Timberridge (dob 5-30-14); Titles: IPO3, OFA Fair, DM carrier

Daughter of Uhdelle, Storm is athletic and highly intelligent. She is fearless and confident as can be seen in these pictures. It is her confidence and fearless temperament that make her an excellent companion, sport dog, and parent. She has a high drive.

Ixa Eqidius (dob 11-06-18); Titles: SVV1, 0/0 hips and elbows, DM clear

Ixa (pronounced Exa) comes from the Czech and she is amazing in athleticism and confidence. We aren’t sure who is more goofily affectionate, her or Daimon. They both can’t seem to get close enough to Doreen in their love for her. Ixa approaches life as if everything is so much fun and happiness. She has a medium drive and the fluffy gene, which means she will be producing some gorgeous babies. As you can see she has a glorious coat and a mane.

Hello Z Timberridge (dob 1/16/19) Titles: BH, IGP1, IGP2–OFA Good, DM clear

Hello is a sweet friendly girl with a mild temperament who is coming of age to join the Timber Ridge program. She has a high drive but knows how to turn it off and settle. Her mom is The Storm so she comes by her drive and speed honestly with good genes. In the first picture Hello is with Gallaro shortly after earning her BH in Sept 2020. Watch for the upcoming video of Hello showing off her obedience and protection work. We are waiting on the results of her hips and elbows.

Nesta Z Timberridge (dob 4-27-19) Titles: BH, DM clear

Nesta is the daughter of Whiskey and she has a high drive. Nesta doesn’t have a non-confident bone in her body. She approaches life as if she owns it. That said, she has good obedience and is super friendly. She is the first to greet people and show her love and appreciation of your time. She is also the first in line for treats or ball throwing. She doesn’t want any other dog to get any time or attention that could be hers. She is short coated sable, very athletic, and determined to conquer life and any obstacles that come her way. She is too young for hip and elbow ratings and will be added to the program when she is two. Nesta is pictured with Ixa in the 4th image.

Bessi Bohemia Ander (dob 7-19-13), Titles: IPO1, ZVV1, ZZO, OFA 0/0 Czech rating, DM carrier

Bessi is a confident satiny sleek black female who has an elegant trot, extraordinary focus, ball drive, and loyalty to her human family. She is friendly to everyone, and loves to play, hike, and work. When her training or play sessions end, Bessi relaxes on the couch and watches closely to see if anyone, particularly her human mom, whom she believes is the center of her world, might like to do anything else with her. Her intelligence and quickness to perform make her a pleasure to interact with and watch.

HJP_3820-Edit Bessi



Olinka od Ceske Policie Republiky (dob 7-17-15); Titles: IPO 1, 0/0 Czech rating, DM clear

Olinka has beautiful eyes in a beautiful black face that express exactly how she feels about her day, her life, and you, at any second. One of the qualities that we immediately noticed about Olinka is that when she looks at you, she really looks at you. She likes to keep busy, especially with her ball and person, but she also enjoys her quiet time. We haven’t met anyone who she isn’t happy to meet too, although she likes to observe, unlike Venesa and Kimber, before giving up her complete attention. Olinka comes from the Czech. She can usually be found with a mask of dirt on as she loves to put her toys and her food bowl (as well as other dogs’ bowls) in puddles and play with them.


Unny Opavia Hof (dob 11-11-17) Titles: ZVV1; 0/0 hips and elbows, DM clear

Unny is a lovely girl, quiet with a medium drive. She is very friendly and a joy to be around. She asks very little of you but appreciates everything you give her. Unny comes from the Czech. She has a long body and holds her weight well. Unny is one of the best moms, giving her pups her all and more. We all love Unny at TR.

Elly z Vozovky (dob 11-28-15) Titles: BH and IGP1, 0/0 Czech rating, DM carrier

Elly has a beautiful sable coat and tufted ears. Visitors sometimes mistake her for Envious, but Elly, even though she loves her her human mom, loves everyone else too. Like her relative Bessi she is long and lean and graceful. Curious, confident, and intelligent, she loves to be outside doing it all, but when she goes in the house at night, she settles quickly. Elly is a happy-let’s-do-this kind of girl with good family energy and temperament.

Zara Venusina sopka (dob 1-05-18), 0/0 hip and elbows, DM clear

Zara is from the Czech and takes her working dog genre seriously. She is a busy girl with a medium drive. Zara is on of those loyal introverted types who doesn’t care much about you if you aren’t her person or well-connected to her person, who is, of course, Doreen. She is a protective mom who loves her puppies. As you can see her eyes show her innate intelligence and kindness and her love of a good time. Like Olinka, she can entertain herself with her ball or anything else handy. She is creative with her surroundings and uses them to please herself.

Daimons Mishka Z Timberridge (dob 8-26-18), DM carrier, OFA Excellent

Mishka, as you can clearly see, has a gorgeous sable coat.  Like her dad, Daimon, she energetic and loves life and people. Curious, confident, and highly intelligent, Mishka, like her mom Piper before her, loves to be outside, in the barn, and in the house, wherever the fun and people happen to be. Mishka is a very happy and enthusiastic girl with a medium drive and a friendly temperament. We are waiting on the results of her hips and elbows as she just turned two years old.

Whiskey Z Timberridge (8/27/16), OFA good, hips and elbows normal, DM carrier; Titles: BH, APR

Whiskey is a favorite in the barn. She’s grown up with a fan club, and she was born knowing how to maintain admirers’ love and adoration. She is a beautiful sable with eyes that speak of intelligence and confidence. It is challenging to get Whiskey to bark or jump around excitedly as she believes in the calm patient approach to life. Whiskey was highest point in obedience at her last trial May, 2018. She has speed, she has strength, she has the ability to make you love her instantly. Whiskey is not, however, a low drive girl. Her pups range from medium to high drive.

Laska Z Timberridge, OFA Excellent, hips and elbows Normal, DM clear Titles: BH

Laska is a sweet cuddly highly intelligent happy-to-meet-you kind of girl. She has drive yet a calmer drive than her family. She is outgoing and happy to be loved and admired by all of us in the barn at Timber Ridge and Timber Ridge visitors. Lasks will bring her ball or stick and ask anyone with hands to throw for her. She is a gorgeous black with a a bit of a mane.


Sabbra Opavia Hof (dob 9-29-17), Titles: ZVV1, Hips and elbows 0/0, DM clear

Sabbra made the long trip from the Czech Republic like a trooper. She arrived ready to play and make friends. She has a medium drive, loving to retrieve balls and small trees. She is very loyal, bonding quickly with Doreen and preferring the house over being in the kennel at night. Her puppies will be loving and intelligent with the classic shepherd look. We are very happy yo have Sabbra in the Timber Ridge family.