Our Shepherds

Timber Ridge Fire

On March 23, 2017, a fire destroyed the dog training building. The real loss is the lives of Atte and Vera, two beautiful intelligent and loving girls who were due to give birth. We are so grateful for all the care and support the community has shown, and we could not have gotten through these last challenging four months without all you.

Timber Ridge Shepherds

Katie Harriman and her TR boy Jack (Undra x Scott)

We specialize in Czech German shepherds who are selected from top working lines. They have awesome ball drive and a great work ethic. Most of all they are my loyal companions. What makes them happiest is pleasing me and being with me. As their pack leader they assist me in all of the farm chores (chasing the tires of my tractors and trying to catch my manure fork) and they make me laugh with their intelligence and their spirit for fun and games.

Grampa Jack explaining ball drive and retrieve strategies

We like to do tracking, obedience, and protection training: the sport of Schutzhund. These dogs have great noses and the determination to find whatever they are looking for and they love to do obedience for food and toy rewards. Not much is more exciting for them than doing a bit of protection work.

Sara Leven and her TR dog Eddy (Shendy x Link)

Most of my dogs  were born here at Timber Ridge but I have also imported a few from the Czech Republic. At 8 weeks old they begin puppy school, including tracking for their lunch and basic obedience for breakfast and supper.  By the time they are 15months old they are often getting their BH (basic obedience and temperament test).  The training continues, and they begin achieving IPO titles 1-3, and some advanced tracking titles FH1 and FH2.  After the young dogs reach the age of two, they the vet to get their hip and elbows x-rayed. Dog un my program have OFA or equivalent (if dogs were purchased from Czech Republic) hip and elbow ratings. Once I title the dogs and they pass all the health and temperament screenings, they can go on to produce quality pups.

“My goal is to produce the best dogs I can who like to please their family and who are capable of performing as athletes in sport work or simply be loving companions and protectors. ” Doreen

Dan, Sawyer, Judy Rose and their TR boy Hans Z Timberridge (Tipsy x Scott)

Tim and Nicole Robinson with their TR dogs Dakota (Undra x Scott) and Chase (Mishka x Qaid)