All About the Boys

We love people coming to meet the parents and to visit the puppies. Your visits let us know that you are not spontaneous puppy buyers who don’t understand the commitment of time and patience raising a puppy. Please be sure to make an appointment before traveling to Timber Ridge. Exercising, training, and caring for dogs and horses as well as haying keep the owner’s minutes full to the brim. Twenty-four hours notice is greatly appreciated.

Link Z Timberridge (dob 9-16-15) Titles: IPO 2; OFA good DM carrier

Link’s phenomenal athleticism, drive, and intelligence (he takes after his mom, Uhdelle) at three months (see video) only continue to impress all who are lucky enough to witness his schooling and training. Link is fearless and so eager to learn and problem solve that his trainer is learning new tricks herself. His most recent skill is crawling flat on his stomach. This behavior will come in handy when it is time for him to start his job of sidling up to the girls. They rule Timber Ridge in and out of the barn and training building and the boys do best if they submit and accept the inevitable. Link’s number one lady, however, is and always will be his human whom he does his best to keep in sight at all times, shouting for her if she goes too far away. Watch for more videos of this exceptional canine athlete.


Scott Opavia Hof (dob 9-29-17); Titles: IGP1; 0/0 hip and elbow, DM clear

Scott is high drive, powerful, and muscular. He is very loyal to his person and doesn’t pay much attention to other people as they don’t much interest him because he has the loyal-to-one-person thing going on. Imported from the Czech, Scott is a handsome short-coat sable as you can see and we expect that his progeny will enjoy riding in the truck and tractor as much as he does. He will make great pet dogs for active families and/or sport families.

“Pacco” Hasan Dablova Kolonie (dob 3-10-18) Titles: BH and IGP1; OFA good hips, normal elbows, DM clear

 Pacco is an import from the Czech Republic and he has never looked back. His coat is a black and red but he can produce blacks and dables when put with the right female.  Pacco has a solid place in the Timber Ridge family as the resident barn dog. He doesn’t believe his love of retrieving can ever be satisfied, and the barn people are suckers for his questioning will-you-throw-this-please eyes. He is very friendly, especially if you have something throw-worthy in your hand. And he can jump and run with the best of them. He can also be calm and polite. Pacco is the full package, dirt and mud included. If Pacco were a horse we would describe him as going through and over anything. But he is a dog and he is a very good one.

Daimon z Tresnaku (dob 5-27-16) Titles: BH; OFA 0/0 Czech rating, DM clear

Daimon (pronounced Diamon) comes to Maine from the Czech Republic as a fluffy enthusiastic fun-loving and goofy boy who can’t get close enough to you. He is a leaner and a hugger and an extrovert. His coat is a long sable and his temperament is that of a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. You could say he has the love of life of Peter Pan and the heart of and generous spirit of Tux who has retired. We are so excited to have a fluffy male join the ranks and we expect to see some fantastic puppies with as much fur as they have a drive for being with their human.

J’Kiplinger “Gallero” (dob 2/8/19) Titles: BH and IGP1, IGP2; DM carrier

Gallero is a good-natured and friendly boy who is on his way to being part of the breeding program. He is from the Czech Republic and has fantastic energy for training and playing yet is calm and complacent in the house. He has high drive on the training field but has a strong off/on switch. His intelligence, innate drive for food, and his ball make him a talented and exceptional well-rounded dog. Gallaro loves to work and to be with Doreen. They ALL love to be Doreen, but Gallero is definitely her baby boy. He will have OFA ratings when he reaches two years of age.