All About the Boys

We love people coming to meet the parents and to visit the puppies. Your visits let us know that you are not spontaneous puppy buyers who don’t understand the commitment of time and patience raising a puppy. Please be sure to make an appointment before traveling to Timber Ridge. Exercising, training, and caring for dogs and horses as well as haying keep the owner’s minutes full to the brim. Twenty-four hours notice is greatly appreciated.

Link Z Timberridge (dob 9-16-15), IPO 2, OFA good

Link is an up and coming boy star of Timber Ridge. His phenomenal athleticism, drive, and intelligence (he takes after his mom, Uhdelle) at three months (see video) only continue to impress all who are lucky enough to witness his schooling and training. Link is fearless and so eager to learn and problem solve that his trainer is learning new tricks herself. His most recent skill is crawling flat on his stomach. This behavior will come in handy when it is time for him to start his job of sidling up to the girls. They rule Timber Ridge in and out of the barn and training building and the boys do best if they submit and accept the inevitable. Link’s number one lady, however, is and always will be his human whom he does his best to keep in sight at all times, shouting for her if she goes too far away. Watch for more videos of this exceptional canine athlete.


Levi Z Timberridge (dob 9-07-08), AWD1, FH1, IPO FH, OFA Good

Levi is a solid responsible canine citizen with a pleasing blocky head, svelte muscular body, and the kindest eyes. He is the type of guy you would want by your side in any situation except some barn work where he might or might not harass your shovel, manure fork, and the wheel on your wheel barrow. Levi is a hard worker and all around fun boy who, like his father, Jack Naspo, is a leaner and has a love for all humans, although like all the Timber Ridge shepherds, his primary love and attention go to his owner and trainer. Levi has exceptional drive and confidence and is an excellent student as his titles attest. He seems to pass these aspects of his personality on to his progeny who, if they don’t get his blocky head, get his easy going I-love-people disposition. All dogs (all animals actually) have a basic instinct for good versus bad humans, and Levi and Jack are no different despite their overtly welcoming acceptance. If Levi and Jack don’t like you, then there is probably a darn good chance that the Timber Ridge folks won’t like you either. Levi’s puppies will make your heart feel all big and mushy and might even make you act a little goofy, especially if they get his blocky head.

Peppe Levi Peppe gsd_53
Levi Z Timberridge IPO FH Champion Levi

Porto z Tresnaku (7-15-12), IPO1, ZVV1, OFA 0/0 Czech rating

Porto journeys to Maine from the Czech Republic where he worked as a police dog. He is learning that Maine is a pretty decent state and that Timber Ridge is a pretty cool place. His coat is a short sable and his temperament is that of a gentleman who is eager to please all the sable and black and red ladies in his new life. These furry females don’t always welcome Porto’s wooing and groveling, but men have had to live with rejection and heartbreak from the very first and he tries not to let it get him down. He has learned that the human who rules at the center of his life can always be counted on for sympathy, hugs, and reward-based school. Porto’s intelligence and good sportsmanship make him a valued member of the Timber Ridge family.

Daimon z Tresnaku (5-27-16), BH, OFA 0/0 Czech rating

Daimon is the newest male to the Timber Ridge packs. He comes to Maine from the Czech Republic as a fluffy enthusiastic fun-loving and goofy boy who can’t get close enough to you. His coat is a long sable and his temperament is that of a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. You could say he has the love of life of Peter Pan and the heart of and generous spirit of Tux who has retired. We are so excited to have a fluffy male join the ranks and we expect to see some fantastic puppies with as much fur as they have a drive for being with their human.

“Chaka” Chestr sovi mlyn (dob 2-28-2016) BH, IPO1, IPO2, OFA Good

Chaka s a young sweet good-natured friendly boy from the Czech Republic who loves his ball and his people and his food. He has fantastic energy for training and playing yet is calm and complacent in the house. His intelligence, innate drive for food, and his ball make him a talented and exceptional tracking dog. Chaka loves to work and to be with his dog and human family. He lives with Rickie Hall and Bonnie Voye in Sweden Maine with their other dogs Timber Z Timberridge and Pooh Bear Z Timberridge.

Retired and loved

Tux z Arnultovic (7-01-11), IPO3, AWD1, OFA Good

Tux is a big fluffy sable teddy bear kind of guy. His favorite activity is to cuddle on the bed after a long walk and a chicken dinner. His version of cuddling is stretching out on top of you while he tells you what he thinks in a series of long and short groans. If you seem to be standing without anything to do, he’ll bump you with his head and lean into you because with Tux there is no such thing as “too close for comfort”. He is the ball king of Timber Ridge, collecting all that he can find and hoarding them, which is why the girls have no choice but to bring people squashed buckets, lids,and Jolly ball remnants to throw. Tux sires happy handsome pups who grow up to be loyal ball-hogging best friends with their human families.

In Memory

Jack Naspo (January 2005- March 2018)

HJP_0238-Edit HJP_0240

H’ell vom Zwinger (dob 12-09-07 to 12-16-17)