Retired and Remembered Timber Ridge Dogs

Mafi Z Tresnaku (dob 2011-2019), IPO2, OFA 1/1 Czech rating

Mafi was from the Czech Republic and she loved Maine for all the state had to offer in fields, woods, water, and wildlife. She had a black and red coat and she possessed an avid curiosity and was happiest when exploring with Doreen. Whether swimming or running or simply retrieving her ball, she put everything she had into each stride and leap. Her ball drive was as strong as her confidence and she produced confident and playful puppies. We will always remember her snake catching drive at the river. She left the frogs and toads alone. She retired to a farm in her last days, enjoying the kids and her dog friends. She passed away doing what she loved where she was loved.

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HJP_7739-Edit Mafi